Bowenwork therapyBowenwork was originally developed in Australia by the late Tom Bowen, a generous and talented healer, who claimed it was a gift from God.

The technique is a dynamic, holistic system of gentle and subtle bodywork based on the body’s own innate ability to heal itself. Sometimes referred to as the “homeopathy” of bodywork, the technique consists of small, precise “moves” made in specific locations of the body that include muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints and nerves.These moves send waves of sensory information via diverse energy pathways awaking the body to release stress patterns and reset the body’s parasympathetic nervous system.


Bowenwork technique
Since the body is doing the work, it needs time to relax, receive and integrate the information through the central nervous system. Therefore, between moves the therapist pauses two to five or more minutes. This pause is unique and key to the Bowen technique as it provides the opportunity for the body to access it’s own healing wisdom and it is this wisdom of the body that directs where healing is needed. Once the muscle tension is released, the body is ready for the next healing moves.

Besides pain and stress relief, Bowen technique treats a wide range of health problems and injuries both of an acute and chronic nature. It’s safety and gentleness makes it wonderful for everyone from the infant to the elderly. Most people report an experience of profound relaxation and well-being.