Preparing for a Session

1. Drink water in preparation for your first treatment. A well-hydrated body will move energy and eliminate toxins more effectively.

2. Avoid other bodywork including chiropractic several days before and several days after a treatment. Other therapies may interfere with Bowenwork’s effectiveness because it’s subtle effect on the nervous system unfolds over a period of time

3. Bowenwork can be done over loose, light clothing as well as on bare skin. If you do not have clothing light and loose enough, your underwear or a tank top or camisole and shorts will be fine

Experiencing the Session

1. The therapist will take a short medical history and determine your goals for treatment.

2. Bowenwork is done in a quiet, warm, restful environment so the body can heal without distraction.

3. Treatment is usually done on a massage table, but if necessary, can also be done sitting in a chair or standing.

4. In the first treatment, the therapist performs one or more procedures to balance the whole body by relaxing the nervous system and by opening up the spinal nerve pathways. Starting on the low back, each procedure is made up of several “moves”. The therapist pauses two to five minutes between these moves to allow the body time to integrate the information, to fully relax and to heal itself with minimal intervention.

5. As blocked energy patterns start releasing, people report many different responses. There may be a tingling or a feeling of subtle energy currents thoughout the whole body or in specific body parts. One might feel heat, throbbing or some particular pain in an area of their body. There can be subtle shifts in feelings and perceptions. As stress and tension unwind, falling asleep is not unusual as most people drop into a deep relaxation. Sometimes the body is processing so much that a longer rest is needed.

After the Session

1. The body will continue to process for as much as 5 or more days after the treatment, so watch and observe and note what your body is telling you. During that
time avoid any other therapies including massage, chiropractic, acupuncture, physical therapy or dental work that includes drilling; all these will interfere with the healing process.

2. The first 24 hours after treatment, you should rest and take it easy. Try not to sit longer than 30 minutes at time. Get up and walk around a little bit. If you are lying down to rest, there is no need to get up. When you get out of bed, however, be sure to distribute your weight evenly on both feet when you stand up. This moment of putting both feet on the floor sets the work from the treatment of the previous day. If the therapist gave you exercises you can start them now.

3. Avoid strenuous exercise. Gentle exercise such as stretching, walking and swimming are better.

4. Do not use ice packs or hot packs or take hot baths. Avoid extremes. A warm shower is okay.

5. Drink lots of water to help your body eliminate wastes. Try to drink half your body weight in ounces of water; i.e., a 100 pound person would need 50 ounces.

6. Because Bowen treatments help the body move waste materials from the tissues more efficiently, people may occasionally experience mild toxic reactions such as aching muscles, slight nausea or headache, variations in body temperature and small changes in elimination. Increased water intake and 30 minute walks will help stimulate the lymphatic system to eliminate the toxins.

7. Plan to get a follow-up treatment within 7-10 days. The body processes the first treatment by then and reveals what further treatment it needs.

Bowen and Bemer Sessions Fees
Single Session Including intake at first session $70.00
Package Rate: Four sessions regularly $280 $260
Single Session including Bemer $80.00
Package rate: Four sessions including Bemer $290.00
At this time we do not take insurance or credit cards